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Winter forest with glowing sun

We’re dreaming of a green Christmas

With the global climate in crisis with soaring CO2 emissions and a growing human population, trees have never had a more important part to play in locking up carbon and producing oxygen. By increasing the UK’s tree cover, we can take an important step towards tackling climate change. That’s why sustainability is high on the […]

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Woman running on a cartoon background

It’s all a matter of context

Unless they’re a whizz at maths, numbers don’t necessarily mean an awful lot to people when they appear in their purest ‘abstract’ form i.e. out of context with day to day living (so we’re not talking pay packets, pensions, shopping bill or energy bills here). That’s why when it comes to communicating calorie counts and […]

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Green Kitkat

Green Kit Kat anyone?

It goes without saying that shoppers and consumers increasingly expect their favourite brands to be environmentally conscious and minimise their impact on our fragile environment. With so much sustainable activity being applied however, getting brands’ green credentials to stand out from the crowd and have an additional positive effect on brand perception means getting creative with […]

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Take A Look In The Mirror

When it comes to influencing shoppers’ purchase decision making, one of the most effective strategies lies in triggering their mirror-neurons. These are the neurons in the brain that fire when people see activities being undertaken. The activity represented can be anything from kicking a football or driving a car to eating food. When the shopper […]

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The benefits of putting a smile on your (watch) face

If you’ve ever looked to purchase a traditional watch, (you remember those aspirationally collectable, original items of wearable tech, the kind of thing with a couple of hands which noisily tick around counting out the hours, minutes and seconds, possibly with a little window denoting the date?) you may have noticed that the hands of […]

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It’s been emotional!

Over the last 10-15 years there’s been a shift towards communications which appeal to the left brain (popularly referred to as System 1). This move has presented itself in the form of songs with simpler, and often more repetitive lyrics, an increase in the number of sequels and franchise movies, and fewer sitcoms on TV […]

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Feel good brands in a feel bad world

We live in unsettled times – what with the trials and tribulations of Brexit, the rise in crime, the pressures on the NHS and the collapse of the High Street. Shoppers have rarely felt so frustrated and depressed. And when shoppers feel down, it usually results in decreased sales for brands. At times like this, […]

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Wish Upon a Pizza Wins Silver!

You wished for it, we delivered and WON! We recently attended the IPM Awards in London and came away with a silver award in the Food: Frozen & Chilled category, for our Chicago Town Wish Upon A Pizza campaign. The interactive build your own pizza gamification collected insight from Pizza Fanatics, whilst promoting Chicago Town […]

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Mad as Hatters

Team DECIDE are looking rather ‘ Hat’tastic today – we’re all raising money for Brain Tumour Research, wearing our best hats, eating cake and dontating like crazy on our ‘Wear a Hat Day’! Our donations will be sent to this amazing charity to fund their life-saving science.  This charity is very close to our hearts as we continue […]

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The world’s first Fairtrade cleaning range

DECIDE are proud to have worked with Traidcraft on the design of Clean & Fair –  the world’s first Fairtrade cleaning range made with sustainable fair trade palm oil. It’s also eco-friendly, made using organic, Fairtrade coconut oil from India. It’s shocking to know that much of the palm oil grown as an ingredient for many […]

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Fake Marketing and the Problem of Trust

It’s an interesting time to be a marketer, with new hurdles rising and falling before many can even spot them. But there are some issues which nobody could miss. Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions recorded a video for clients explaining the measures Facebook was taking to regulate their on-site advertisements and […]

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The difference between multichannel and omnichannel marketing (and why it matters)

In today’s marketing climate, digital could easily be mistaken as the be-all and end-all of a brand. Indeed, Marketing Week and Forbes point out that company’s digital marketing campaigns are ever increasing in priority and budget. The fact is that, in many product categories, shoppers require a more tangible experience to warrant a purchase. For […]

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