Meet the team

Michael Pagan

Managing Director

Michael's strategic thinking, organisational skills and analytical mind have been key in advising and helping clients such as Spectrum and P&G to achieve - or in many cases, exceed - their growth targets. Michael oversees research partnerships with Durham University Business School, where he is a regular speaker.
“Best decision I ever made? Deciding to do my MA in Marketing with Durham Business School (for which I gained a Distinction). It was mind-opening and has enabled me to optimise the effectiveness of many of the strategies I recommend at C-suite level.”

Joanne Chater

Finance Director

Having previously worked as a Business Planner for chemical group ICI and as a Group Accountant, Joanne has a wealth of experience which, combined with the knowledge she gained from her BSc (Hons) in Business Quantitive Methods, she applies to great effect. Overseeing the accounting function, Joanne produces monthly management reports and prepares the statutory accounts, reporting directly to the Executive Chairman.
“Best decision I ever made? Deciding to gain experience in a variety of different businesses before joining DECIDE. It’s given me invaluable business skills which I apply on a daily basis to ensure that the consultancy management team are always fully informed.”

John Gee

Client Development Director

John’s previous experience as a buyer for Tesco and handling the P&G account at a large production house has equipped him with the knowledge to optimise retailer differentiation across shopper campaigns and nurture DECIDE’s 60 year relationship with P&G. His team building skills and industry experience have driven business development with Boots, Duracell, Coty and Spectrum.
“Best decision I ever made? Deciding to enter the world of recruitment (and, of course, choosing to leave it to join DECIDE.) It equipped me with a real talent for networking which has proved invaluable in helping cement client relationships and opening up new opportunities between businesses.”

Joanne Horne

Director of People and Operations

With over 15 years’ experience in project and operations management, 7 of these being in the digital sector, Joanne leads our digital team ensuring our clients receive the best possible service with high quality deliverables. She has a proven track record in delivering outstanding results on high profile projects and establishing excellent stakeholder relationships.
"Best decision I ever made? Deciding to take the leap from the events management sector into the digital sector. I'm still applying many of the transferrable skills I developed, whilst learning new skills and continuously enhancing my knowledge in digital marketing to ensure we continue to deliver the most effective solutions for all our clients."

Lesley Marshall

Creative Insights Director

With an MA in Design Management (Distinction) from Northumbria University, Lesley brings in-depth experience to a unique combination of disciplines across design, planning and consumer insight. She was instrumental in developing DECIDE’s unique design evaluation tool, d3eclipse, and has presented papers on design thinking at international conferences, including the European Academy of Design in Paris (2015) and Rome (2017).
“Best decision I ever made? Deciding to be a guest lecturer on the Masters Design Management programme at Northumbria University School of Design. Exploring design value with students from across the globe has helped my understanding and appreciation of the influence of different cultures on design thinking."

Dr Gareth J Harvey

Director of Consumer Psychology

Jerry Hall

Executive Chairman

Joining DECIDE 25 years ago as Finance Director after previously working in the Financial Management sector, Jeremy’s role has evolved so that he now heads up the consultancy’s strategy and oversees all financial, legal, administrative and commercial matters.

“The best decision I ever made? Deciding to combine my analytical skills with my creative thinking. I come from a creative family (my son is a London-based musical director and my daughter an illustrator) and having the ability to integrate what are often perceived as polar-opposite skill sets has helped me play a key role in ensuring DECIDE achieves a genuinely competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Alistair Quinn

Group Commercial Director

Alistair manages the business development team, strengthening the depth and quality of accounts across the DECIDE client portfolio. His focus remains on nurturing client relationships at a senior level across key accounts, such as Dr Oetker and Tangerine.

“Best decision I ever made? Deciding to buy fishing rights on a stretch of the River Tweed. It’s great to get out of the office occasionally, clear my mind and really think about the business from a different perspective. (Oh, and if I’m lucky, I get to bump into some of the Hollywood stars who also fish the river to escape the gaze of the paparazzi!)”

Grant Marshall

Executive Creative Director

With over 40 years helping leading brands weather the extremes of boom and bust, Grant’s knowledge and expertise today proves invaluable in helping them achieve a truly competitive edge. Responsible for the overall creative direction of the consultancy, he works with Creative Heads across the consultancy’s core disciplines.

“Best decision I ever made? Deciding to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather (who designed the iconic Fairy baby character for P&G in 1936), and my parents and uncles in choosing to enter the creative industry. No two days are ever the same, and there’s always a new challenge to solve. It’s been quite a ride!”

Rosy Parker-Blair

Group Clients Services Director

Jo Turnbull

Head of Shopper Marketing

I began my career as a packaging and instore communications designer, but quickly realised I had a passion for project management and relationship building. I spent the next 13 years in retail own-brand design management at Asda and then Morrison’s. From there grew my obsession for retail and the whole shopper experience. I love the challenge of finding new and creative ways to disrupt and engage. Over time I’ve built up a wealth of insider knowledge, which gives us a distinct advantage with our clients. I think there’s nothing better than the feeling of landing a ‘winning’ campaign and seeing it come to life in store.

Jo Errington-Stevens

Head of Business Development

Sandra Cook


Shaun McCririck

Print Production Manager

Colin Brownson

Senior Designer

Tracy Rochead

Senior Designer

Chris Fawcett

Senior Designer

Amanda Clough

Shopper Marketing Project Manager

Steve Burke

Senior Visualisation Designer

Ian Wilson

Head of Technical Services

Craig Sharpe

Artwork Image Specialist

Nicola Dixon


Mac Patterson

Senior Strategy & Planning Designer

Carol Jenkins

General Office Manager

Lynton Wall-Palmer

Digital Designer

Mark Lloyd

Front End Developer

Maria Blake

Quality Associate

Sean Martin

Digital Designer

Richard Miller

Shopper Marketing Designer

Mat Karbownik

Project Manager

Amber Cross

Business Development Director

James Barlow

3D Visualiser

Jess Foggin

Senior Account Manager

Jess Howey

Account Manager

Tessa Westermeyer


Paul Rutherford


Mieke Fessey

Senior Account Manager

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