DECIDE celebrates winning silver

DECIDE has once again received industry recognition for the effectiveness of our design solutions at the prestigious Design Business Association (DBA) Design Effectiveness Awards.

Receiving a Silver for our brand and packaging design for The Travelling Bee Company, DECIDE shared the stage with the cream of the UK’s leading design consultancies and brands such as Tetley, Budweiser, Danone, Pizza Express and Procter & Gamble. Client Mark Chambers joined the team in London for the awards ceremony to celebrate the business transformation that can be achieved when consultancy and client work in true partnership. Check out the full case study here.

The Design Effectiveness Awards recognise impactful, wide-ranging design solutions that demonstrate a tangible and measurable impact on client business success. Judged by business leaders and entered jointly by client and consultancy, the awards focus on design’s strategic and commercial value to business. To win an award, each entry needs to demonstrate that the design work has positively influenced the performance of the product or brand, achieving outstanding results and deep impact throughout the client’s business.

The creation of The Travelling Bee Company brand helped to increase sales by over 500% as well as transforming the business, securing listings in premium retailers such as Fenwick Food Hall and and has featured in luxury design-led publications such as Vogue and House & Garden.

The brand identity is nostalgic with a hint of wit to communicate the craft skills that lie at the core of the proposition. The tagline ‘Following the flower’ helps communicate the story of Mark’s approach to his business which involves transporting colonies of bees to locations around the North East of England and Scotland. The constantly changing location of these apiaries gives the bees access to specific flowers and trees throughout the year so that the honey produced features seasonally unique flavours and a wide variety of health benefits.

“To achieve such a radical increase in sales, positive impact on our environment as well as job creation through the re-brand of The Travelling Bee Company is a true representation of how design can be an influential factor for a brands’ success.”  Grant Marshall, Creative Director DECIDE.

Positive social and ecological impact

Bees are in trouble. Populations have declined by 45% in the UK since 2010 due to farming methods, climate change, and disease. And one-third of our food depends on pollination.

The Travelling Bee Company has made a positive ecological and social impact which are factors that are core to its mission. As the business grew so did its number of bee colonies, from 10 to 90 colonies in 2 years. That’s an increase of 4.8 million bees as well an increase in educational outreach around their plight through interactive sessions he runs with community groups


“The project was a turning point. Now it’s a sustainable business and the better we do, the more we can protect and promote bees.” Mark Chambers, Founder, The Travelling Bee Company.