North by name... North by nature

A Great Exhibition deserves great design.

Inspired by a seminar in which DECIDE explained how we use our proprietary d3thinking insight tools to influence shopper decision making, Bev Stephenson, founder of North Chocolates approached us to create the range identity for a new selection of luxury chocolates. The range was to celebrate the North East’s pioneering spirit in art, design and innovation as part of The Great Exhibition of The North.

The new design features craft paper stock imagery to enhance the product’s artisanal, handmade cues, with a colour coded splash of ink to visually differentiate each product. Map and compass graphics reinforce the local provenance of the chocolate, with specially commissioned illustrations by local artist Suzanne Homer of local landmarks; from the iconic Tyne Bridge to Grey’s Monument celebrating the Earl who gave his name to the famous tea.

What we did

  • Packaging Design
  • Range rationalisation
  • Shopper Marketing

Insightfully inspired creative in action.

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