New Look for Nuby

Letting the brand speak for itself

DECIDE was asked to redesign the popular Natural Touch ‘Combat Colic’, ‘Reduce Reflux’ and Soothers ranges for leading baby brand, Nuby. This American-owned, multi-award winning baby brand is available in 155 countries worldwide.

We applied our proprietary d3thinking design evaluation tool to help establish the visual equities, colour coding and tone of voice which would be most influential to the decision making of mums with new and young babies.

To optimise disruption at fixture we created a ‘speech bubble’ equity, which visually acts as a beacon in the baby aisle and enables the brand to ‘speak’ to shoppers in a simple, easy to understand tone of voice. This helps the functionality of each product and key benefits to be communicated effectively, with clear colour coding optimising ease of shopper navigation.

Creating a design with a unique voice, which communicates the brand's friendly and trustworthy personality, has proven popular with both retailers and mums, a fact demonstrated with a marked increase in sales.

What we did

  • Creative strategy
        d3eclipse measurement
        Name generation
        Global packaging design
        Product photography
        In-store POS
        Structural design

Insightfully inspired creative in action.

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