Dog match made in heaven

Bringing dogs, owners and sharers together.

Having a dog is wonderful, but also a lot of commitment. DogShare is a matching service that connects owners, their dogs and borrowers who want to share. Share the joy for walks, weekends or just some company.

DECIDE created a new service and developed a website that matches dogs with people who would like to spend time with them, freeing up dog owners from expensive walking/sitting/kennel services, improving the lives of the dogs and giving pleasure to all those who would love to have a dog, but are not in a situation to give a dog a permanent home.

In addition, we created a community of dog owners who can come together and connect, share experiences, training, vent their frustration or share their joy.

What we did

  • Brand
  • Creative
  • UX
  • Responsive website
  • Members Area
  • Customised CMS
  • Email Marketing

Insightfully inspired creative in action.

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