Green Kit Kat anyone?

It goes without saying that shoppers and consumers increasingly expect their favourite brands to be environmentally conscious and minimise their impact on our fragile environment.

With so much sustainable activity being applied however, getting brands’ green credentials to stand out from the crowd and have an additional positive effect on brand perception means getting creative with recycling. Which is exactly what Nestle Japan – the world’s biggest market for KitKats – is doing with all its KitKat products.

By replacing its plastic packaging with a recyclable paper version which has a second life that taps into one of the most traditional creative activities associated with Japanese culture, origami, the new packaging is intended to be both environmentally friendly and fun at the same time.

The new generation packaging features instructions on how to create an origami paper crane which will encourage consumers to use their packaging to get creative instead of simply throwing it away. It builds on the brand concept of ‘taking a break’ to do something constructive whilst consuming the product and reinforces the ‘Japanese’ provenance of KitKat to the consumers of that region.

Nestle estimates that the new initiative will help to reduce the brand’s plastic waste by approximately 380 tonnes per year. And all of this while reinforcing the core equities of the brand. Very clever indeed.