Doodle day

Today is National Doodle Day, so what better time to put your brand to the Doodle Test.

We’ve talked to some shoppers and consumers and asked them to doodle some of their favourite brand marques. See if you can guess what they are (answers at the bottom of the screen).

Doodle Day 2

DECIDE. applies this sense-check to any new brand design we create. If the consumer or shopper can doodle it from memory then it’s proof that the brand’s visual equity is unique, memorable, immediately recognisable and embedded in their subconscious. It’s something we always recommend that you do when considering altering or evolving your brand marque to truly assess its visual value.

To fully understand how a creative doodle has the potential to become one of your brand’s most valuable assets, contact us today.


Posted by

Grant Marshall


6th February 2015


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