DECIDE’s creative workspace has had a bit of a makeover and we’re all feeling upbeat as a result.

DECIDE’s dedicated quiet zones and coffee bar’s style meeting areas make work so much more motivational and fun.

In our inspiration room, wall to wall clouds on a blue sky background bring the outside, inside; vivid, intriguing window and wall graphics (of floating dandelion seeds, musicians, and hands reaching up the stairs) are engaging and visually thought-provoking, plus, the addition of AstroTurf has brought an element of nature and personality to our space – yay… and our resident pets like it too!

Promoting positive health and wellbeing for Team DECIDE – our extended and refurbished Kitchen is now bigger and better – we can cook culinary delights to our heart’s desire with enough space to swing several cats!

We even have a football table, a pool table and shelves of books to read so there are many choices to de-stress and relax after work.

It’s proven that a workplace’s atmosphere and surroundings can inspire employees to be more efficient and passionate in their work – well…at DECIDE, we’re still as passionate about our work as we were before and we’re still the same super talented team of individuals but we do feel refreshed by the makeover and more ready than ever to help brands achieve their potential through effective design!




Posted by

Jo Errington-Stevens


4th October 2017


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