Cause related marketing

Cause-Related Marketing has seen a boom in recent years, and with 98% of shoppers aware of at least one CRM programme, it’s easy to see why.

Done well CRM is a smart way to influence shoppers to switch to your products.

In fact, 79% of shoppers would switch to brands that support a good cause.

However, as identified in studies by Westberg and Pope, perception of fit plays a critical role in determining the impact of CRM over sponsorship or sales promotion.

“Consumers will not just switch brands simply because you are associated with a charity, donate the most or shout the loudest about it”

Anne Crawford, Research Assistant at DECIDE.

DECIDE. works closely with researchers at Durham Business School to understand the emotional triggers that drive FMCG buying decisions. We’ve identified five key areas for brands to consider when devising a CRM strategy.

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Jo Errington-Stevens


11th November 2014

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