With Christmas and New Year now behind us, the nights still dark and the weather a bit dreary, it can be hard to keep upbeat at this time of year. And many of us will be feeling the pinch in our pockets after the festivities, so budgets will be even tighter than usual.  So, here’s 12 insider tips to battle the January Blues and tap into positivity.

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Jo Errington-Stevens


25th January 2016


We love our new look Creative workspace https://t.co/Puy4WGXNnl pic.twitter.com/shdudKilUT
Boots #TeenTalk is a perfect example of engaging POME prospects https://t.co/wftA54TMgr pic.twitter.com/wyvNVaxKic
https://t.co/NgPpJk2kzX Huge congrats to first time runner at the JGNR 2017 Jamie Gee and his Dad, DECIDE’s John G… https://t.co/SK3lAgsSsu